Doubts regarding enviroCar

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Doubts regarding enviroCar

prajwal m r
I am Prajwal , Doing my computer science engineering and currently in my junior year.

I would love to get some clarifications regarding the enviroCar car code challenge.

In the "Quality assurance in enviroCar" code challenge , it is mentioned that  "create script for filtering values within certain value range and delete tracks which contain more than 40% of measurements matching that filter ".

I wanted to know , By saying  "tracks" , is it referred  to one of the collections in the database known as " tracks "?   Or is it referred to anything general?

This brings me to the second question. Should this script  to filter and ,  delete work for  something general , like for any collection in the database . Or is it only for the "Tracks" collection.

I felt that , the answers to these questions would make an impact on the design of the User Interface . Hence requesting to provide some insights for these questions.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

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