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 Hey there!

I am Deevankshu Garg, a third year undergraduate Computer Science student at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India. My main field of interest is Computer Graphics. I have been doing a lot of stuff related to Computer Graphics for almost one year now. I have developed some basic 3D games and some more 3D visualization and a lot other things  mainly in OpenGL. I am now advancing to other things like developing plugins for Maya using MEL and Python, WebGL and X3d. All my code projects can be seen at my Github account ( ).

I was going through the last year's GSoC project ideas for 52°North related to 3D. That made me really want to contribute to this organization. I think I have the sufficient required skill set to work on them. Obviously, some of them might have already been implemented in the last year's SoC. But just to get started with things, I tried my hands on the code challenge mentioned under the project *Web-based 3D Visualizations*. I am attaching the source code with this mail. I would really like do some actual contribution to 52°North. I think the best way would be by starting with some bug hunt. Can you please guide me where to start things from and also, what do you think about my implementation of this code challenge?
Thanks a lot for reading!
Deevankshu Garg

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