Google Summer of Code 2015 - Midterm Evaluation results processed

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Google Summer of Code 2015 - Midterm Evaluation results processed

Daniel Nüst
Hi all,

congrats to all students and mentors - you passed the mid-term
evaluation. In my experience, this is an important date, because now all
of you are so deep into the topic and the challenges are clear that now
the _real work has started_ and good results are coming in.

One way for us to demonstrate publicly the good results are public
demos. This year, for the first time, we required students and mentors
to provide a mandatory demo at mid-term. Sadly, we did not accomplish
this by the deadline (last Friday), but that was in part my mistake, as
I did not communicate well on this matter.

But I think we achieved the intended goals:
* everybody is very aware that the _must_ be working demos in the end
* we have a good understanding of which projects will present in which
way (i.e. download or live demo on the server)
* we know about potential issues of running the apps on the demo server
(now, and not at the end of the summer)

There are still a few projects without any text on the demo server. This
will have to be fixed THIS WEEK. If you have already provided all
requested information, please feel free to remind me by sending
everything in one email again. Thanks for your help!

I wish all of you a very successful second half of the summer!


PS: For those students that did not create a video demo yet: There must
be a video demo of all projects in the end - now is a good time to
create a first version that can be improved for the final submission!

Daniel Nüst
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