Quality Assurance in enviroCar code challenge

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Quality Assurance in enviroCar code challenge

prajwal m r
I am Prajwal. I have been working on this code challenge. I have  done the server  backend in NodeJS , and the frontend in html,Js and  JQuery. I am able to run MongoDB scripts from the UI and get back any relevant results (if any) back to the  UI as output.  

I have few doubts about what the query scripts have to exactly  do. 

In the challenge , It is said that " create script for filtering values within certain value range and delete tracks which contain more than 40 percent of measurements matching that filter "  .

I want to know if by saying "tracks" here does it mean the collection "tracks" in the provided database dump?

Also , by saying " filtering values within certain value range " , Does it mean to filter it based on certain attributes of the collection "tracks" such as begin , end , created , modified , length..etc?

It would be really helpful if anyone could guide me a little with this.

Thank you

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