Report week #9- 3D Connection Maps

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Report week #9- 3D Connection Maps


Find this week's report below.

Some really good progress this week! Check this file out - It looks really interesting!


XStream classes for ColorMapper and WidthMapper were added [ here ]

These Mappers were then added into the X3D and X3DOM files [ here ]

Stroke parameter has been removed and has been replaced with WidthMapper here

A new schema for XML configuration file has been proposed. This will be added sometime soon [ here ]

Functionality has been added to hide Relations in Connection Maps. [ here ]

Functionality to display ColorMapper and WidthMapper attributes in X3DOM scene [ here ]

Both the Mappers need to be sorted before it's sent to the module. So, that had to be added as well. [ here ]


Our existing Mappers are in Java, and so the question of how to call them has arisen, during the week. Both Christian and Benno, feel that the Mappers can be converted to JavaScript and then be integrated into the X3DOM scene, for dynamic generation.

Next tasks

Talk about scientific publication of the project results

Conversion of existing Java Mappers into JavaScript

Animation of Relations

Better dealing with congestion


Adhitya Kamakshidasan

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