Weekly Report #11 - 3D Connection Maps

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Weekly Report #11 - 3D Connection Maps


Please find my report attached below.

You can also look at our page - cdanowski.github.io/worldviz/

Let us know about your thoughts! [ here ] (The link is not broken, it takes a little while to load)


  • Labels are now hidden [ here ]
  • Various demos have been added [ here ]
  • Added option of importing CSV file in demo [ here ]


  • A problem that we have is overlapping of nodes. Christian and I(Adhitya), had a very lengthy discussion this week, on how to reduce it. Both of us have a different opinion on how to do it. Christian, believes it can be done by reducing the node sizes. I(Adhitya) on the other hand, feel it can be done by increasing the Bounding Box size. However, the final decision will be taken after consideration with Benno.
  • Should a user require an Internet connection, for using this project? Currently, our JavaScript files are hosted at Github. Should we change that, and include it in the HTML page itself?

Next tasks

  • Talk about scientific publication of the project results
  • Mapping of nodes according to attributes, such as Population and Land area


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