Weekly Report #4 - 3D Connection Maps

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Weekly Report #4 - 3D Connection Maps

Hi all,

Here is my weekly report.


  • We have created a transformation class to transform between geocoordinates and scene-coordinates. For Example, the geocoordinates of "North America" using the WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984) coordinate reference system is -90 45 0. We have created a norm transformation class inorder to have fixed spatial extent regrarding the XZ-plane of the X3D coordinate system. Therefore, we can keep a uniform scale factor for geometries like nodes and edges. Additionally, the aspect-ratios with respect to x, y, and z coordinates will be preserved by this transformation. A demo for this feature can be found over here.
  • Our existing Classes had to be refactored, according to the above. You can find the Commit for that over here.


  • We had the problem of Overlapping Labels, and we have taken the Billboard approach for solving it. You can read about it more over here.

Next tasks

  • Adhitya will be reading about PROTO declaration in X3D, and create few examples so that it is easier for us to code in the future.
  • Christian will be implementing an abstract base scene class that holds all common style-relevant class attributes and general methods like writeLine() - Currently, this is being held by this Class and should be removed.


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