Weekly Report #7 - 3D Connection Maps

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Weekly Report #7 - 3D Connection Maps

Please find the report below.


  • With the import-export data, that we had obtained last week, we have built FeatureNets with them, and have made them into Connection Maps. These maps can be found over here
  • We have added various different connections into our Connection Maps. More suggestions are welcome! Find the current example over here
  • Improvements in logging have been made over various files


  • The specific country named "Cote d'Ivoire" was giving us problems, because of the apostrophe in the middle. We have decided to remove the apostrophe and keep it as "Cote d Ivoire" for now. Similarly, in the past we have renamed "Asia & Oceania" to "Asia and Oceania"
  • While including curved arrows in the Connection Maps, our existing SceneTransformer was not enough, and additional capabilities were added to it.
  • Our import-export connection map, is currently congested. We will discuss how to remove it.

Next tasks

  • There is a lot of hardcoding, while adding new connections, all this should be moved to the XML Configuration file.
  • More discussion of the classification scheme
  • Do we convert the CSV file into a Pajek.net file and then follow the existing workflow?

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